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1.      The Definition of Appointment 
Appointment is a kind of expression which is used to conduct an appointment.
2.      Expressions We Can Use to Make and Accept an Appointment
Here are some expressions we can use to make and accept an appointment.
Making an Appointment
1)     Will you pick me up at ….? (example: tomorrow morning 2 p.m.)
2)     What if we go ….? (examples: cycling on car free day next Sunday, swimming this afternoon)
3)     Will you go out with me ….? (example: tonight)
4)     I’ll go to …. (example: your house at 3 p.m.). It’s all right?
5)     I’d like to make an appointment with …. (examples: you, him, her)
6)     I want to make an appointment to see …. (examples: my dentist, my private teacher)
7)     I’d like you to come and see me.
8)     Can we meet at …. (examples: Kitchen Restaurant, Aquarius Hotel)
9)     Can I come and see you?
10)   What about …. (example: tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m.)
Accepting an Appointment
1)     Okay. I’ll be there on time.
2)     No problem. I’m free …. (examples: on Sunday, at that day, at that time)
3)     Sure, I love it.
4)     Good idea.
5)     Definitely!
6)     All right, see you there.
7)     It is a deal.
8)     Sure.
9)     Why not?
3.      Expressions We Can Use to Cancel an Appointment
Here are some expressions we can use to cancel an appointment.
Cancel an Appointment
1)     I’m sorry. I can’t meet you today. I have to see my dentist. Can we reschedule?
2)     We’re terribly sorry we have to cancel our appointment. Mr. Tanaka’s flight is delayed for two hours.
3)     I’m afraid I have to put off put appointment because I have an urgent business to do.
4)     Sorry. I can’t meet you this weekend since I have another appointment.
5)     Sorry, I can’t meet you tomorrow. I’m busy at that day.
Example : 

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Professional English

Telephone Appointments – example

March 4, 2010 · No Comments · teacher notes

Trine Mork speaking.

Good morning Ms. Mork. This is Tetsuya Moriya from Morgan International calling.
Good morning Mr. Moriya.  How are you?

I’m very well thank-you.  And you?
I’m just fine.  What can I do for you Mr. Moriya?

I’m manager of the Training Division of Morgan International, and I’m calling to find out if we could meet to talk about an English Intensive course for our sales personnel.
I’d be very happy to talk to you.  When is good for you?

Well, I’d like to meet as soon as possible.  Would this Friday be possible?
Let me check my schedule …. I’m afraid I’m tied up in the morning, but anytime after lunch is fine.

Good.  How about 2:30. Would an hour be enough time?
An hour should be enough. 2:30 is fine.  Where exactly is your office Mr. Moriya?

We’re on the 18th floor of the Arabesque Plaza Building, just outside Exit 7 of Toranomom Station on the Ginza Line.
Great.  So I’ll see you in your office at 2:30 this Friday, the 24th.

Good. I’m looking forward to meeting you, Ms. Mork.
I’m looking forward to meeting you.  Good-bye.


Tetsuya Moriya.

Good morning Mr. Moriya.  This is Trine Mork from Sumikin-Intercom speaking.
Hello Ms. Mork.  How are you?

I’m fine.  I’m calling about our appointment on Friday.  I’m very sorry, but something has come up at the last minute, and I have to go to Osaka on Thursday and Friday.  Could we change our appointment to next week?
Certainly.  When is convenient?

Well, I’m free Monday morning.
I’m in meetings all day Monday.  What about Tuesday morning?

Tuesday morning would be fine.  How about 10:30?
That’s fine.

Good.  I’ll be in your office at 10:30 on Tuesday, the 27th.  Again, I apologize for the change.
No problem.  I understand.

Good.  See you next week then.
See you next week.  Good-bye.


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